Book Chapters: 

“Performance of Economic Migrants” in the Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics, Edited by  K. F. Zimmermann, Springer Nature. April 2022.

“The effect of the pandemic on mental health” in “The Economics of COVID-19 - Contributions to Economic Analysis”, Volume 296, Edited B. Baltagi, F. Moscone and E. Tosetti, Emerald.  June 2022.

Working papers:

1.   “The Effect of Repeated Lockdowns during the Covid-19 Pandemic on UK Mental Health Outcomes” (with J. Lindley) (R&R  Fiscal Studies)

2.    “The Labour Market Implications of Different Forms of Terrorism” (with E. Arenas-Arroyo and C. Vargas-Silva) (under review)

3.    "Job satisfaction among young workers in Eastern and Southern Africa: a comparative analysis" (with A. McKay and A. Newell)   IZA Discussion Paper dp11380. (Under Review)

4.   "Unions and Hispanics in the US" (under revision)

Work in progress..

1.      "Estimating the long term health consequences of  nucler tests in Kazakhstan. (joined with Karlygash Kuralbayeva, Kings College London, and Po Yin Wong, Queen Mary University). (in preparation)

Policy Reports and others:

Binned papers